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At BlackFrog Studios, we believe that music making is for everyone… no matter what your ability or previous experience.


BlackFrog Studios was originally founded by Steve Lockwood, a local businessman and keyboardist in a Thame based band ‘Underground’. Having been in the band for several years, Steve identified a need for a recording facility in Thame that was open to all and served the community as well as promoting local music.

Work began on the the first studio in February 2007. Aided by a group of volunteers and by local building company Blanks Property. Foundations were dug at the small plot located off-of Queens Close, Thame. It was during this time that the small, jet-black frog was seen jumping about in the mud that ultimately gave the studio its name.

Once opened, the Studio quickly attracted the attention of local bands wanting to record as well as people from all over the country coming to try their hand at one of the ‘POP Star’ experiences.

After two years in business, it became apparent that BlackFrog had outgrown its current home. So plans were drawn up for new, bigger premises and Jef O’Riley (the former Marketing Consultant of BFS) joined as a partner in the newly incorporated BlackFrog Studios Ltd.

Station Yard Studio

In February 2010 work began in Unit D3, Station Yard to build the ultimate space for making music. Still in a band themselves, Steve and Jef could identify with the needs of rehearsing bands for a comfortable and inspiring place to work on their music. This became the basis for design and construction of the new studios.

Jefferson Way, Thame Studio

2014 saw Blackfrog Studios improve even further when we moved into our new state of the art facility in Jefferson way. Creating a better sounding and more atmospheric studio for musicians to be creative and inspired. With Upgraded equipment and the new premises look fantastic Blackfrog has grown so much since the day we started.


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