Blackfrog Move to New state of the Art Studios

Blackfrog Studios is proud to announce that we have now moved to our new and improved studio premises located in Jefferson Way, Thame.

The New studio, located at no. 9 Jefferson Way, boasts a live room measuring 10 meters by 5 meters with a 24 channel mixer and 1200W PA system to give you that extra great sound during your rehearsals. New features also include an acoustic drum kit available for anyone to use during rehearsals or recording sessions, all you need to bring is the breakables – Cymbols, hi hat and snare.

As at the previous Blackfrog Studios Ltd, We still have a 64 track digital recording facility to give you that crisp clear sound you have come to expect from Blackfrog Studios. We still also offer the same services as we previously with all the same amount of attention to detail that your work deserves. The new facilities include a new mixing room, live room, vocal booth, green screen room, lounge, and much more. The facilities are much better laid out and much more user friendly than in out previous studio.

The new facilities far out way those of our previous facility and we hope the new, far more comfortable surroundings will help inspire our clients to achieve their potential.

At BlackFrog, we always strive to deliver the highest fidelity recording possible.
When designing the new studios we spent particular attention in the creation of an isolated Vocal and live instrument room where we could produce dead space for vocalists and soloists.

The vocal booth is a large enough space to make the artist feel comfortable in their surroundings rather than claustrophobic in a small box.

We are very proud of our new facilities and hope you will enjoy and be insired by them. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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