Palahniuk - Live at the Roundhouse Youth Club 14th Aug

Their sound, described as “a melding of pretty tunes and hard, guitar-chugging edges”(James Benefield, Oxfordshire Music Scene*) is coupled with their natural ability to entertain – musically as well as dramatically – ensuring that each gig is different, memorable and always high-energy. To see Palahniuk live is to experience something completely different to listening to their recordings.

On the 14th August, Palahnuik are playing live at Roundhouse Youth Club. Doors open at 7:00pm. Email for more details.

“Palahniuk are an Aylesbury based 4 (now 3) piece who don’t hold back on enthusiasm when it comes to performing their set of catchy pop tunes. Raw mixed with jangly sounding guitars, a pumping bass and an interesting mix of drum textures, they have the knack of hooking you in. With a high quality of songwriting, there are overtones of dare I say, Lennon, especially with a ‘classic’ ballad they played about halfway through the set called “Takes Too Long” – though they delivery it with a new, young and fresh sound. Give these boys some time, they could be giving the likes of Coldplay and Keane a run for their money.” – Oxford Promoter (The Melting Pot)

“Palahniuk had the responsibility of providing the first headline at indie rocks. Their energy was boundless, the audience invited to their vibe. Palahniuk opted to join them and all but the drummer evaded stage with their instruments and moshed like it was going out of fashion. Many good comments have been passed to me since this night. Would be glad to see them here again in the future. Thank you guys!” Andrew – Promoter (Indie Rocks – The Hop Pole, Aylesbury)

“Palahniuk are a young Aylesbury band who have been performing together for less than a year. Although they list their influences as fairly standard young indie-rock reference points such as The Beatles and Foo Fighters, their music seems to be rooted in the post-grunge of the mid-90s. Their music seems reminiscent of almost-beens The Lemonheads; a melding of pretty tunes and hard, guitar-chugging edges. Saying that, their self-confessed influences are clearly heard throughout the set, and there is a lot of Dave Grohl’s band in their music, not least in some of the lead guitar work. A handful of cute touches, such as some inventive bass lines, a fairly chatty leading man, and, at the end of set, the bassist making his way around the audience and shaking everyone’s hand.” – James Benefield (Oxfordshire Music Scene Magazine)

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