The 1st BlackFrog Guitar Workshop

Saturday 7th August 2010 saw the first BlackFrog Studios/Lucas Guitar School Guitar Workshop.

The event kicked-off with a buffet lunch… a slightly over-catered for meal that, despite being picked over for the rest of the day, still only halved in size by the end of the workshop.

The lunch proved a great opportunity for delegates to meet each other and get any nerves out of the way. It quickly became apparent that there were many shared guitar heros between the group and soon they got talking about Slash, David Gilmour and the artistic virtues of shredding.

The tutor for the day, Kev Lucas from The Lucas Guitar School begun the session by explaining some of his personal thoughts about ‘playing’ rather than ‘practicing’ guitar.

After a brief assessment, Kev begun to suggest ways of improving players techniques. Almost instantly, the group were mastering faster left-handed finger positioning, pinched harmonics and precise and controlled string bends… all on acoustic guitars!

When asked about the experience, guitar hero Terry Williams said

“I found the setup of the day great and not what I expected. I thought it would be a case of reciting songs over and over again, but instead we got taught real-life techniques that I can apply to my playing straight away… I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone…”

When asked, all the delegates on the day have said that they will attend another event.

Do you want to take part? Visit our Guitar Workshop page for details of our next event

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