Music Production Workshop

……..Music Production workshops available all year round……..

This music production workshop can be personalized to suit your individual needs with both technical and hands on practical experience using both large mixing consoles along with DAW controls and a range of plug-ins. The course will take place at Blackfrog Studios Ltd in Thame and will demonstrate recording, editing, mixing and mastering techniques. Our courses can be on a 1 to 1 bases or in small groups. Group sizes will be limited to a maximum of 4 delegates to allow more interaction and more hands on production time for each student. For information about prices and a customized course just for you please contact us

A General Course Overview –

Insight into the studio, the technology used including a overview of DAW’s, inserts/sends, plugins, internal and external effects, patch bays.

Different types of microphones including polar patterns and frequency responses.

In depth look at mixing consoles, both digital and analogue.

Recording techniques on a range of instruments and on vocals.

Effects that can be added to enhance the sound such as compressors, EQ’s and limiters.

In depth look at Plug-ins, whats available, how to use and which to use.

The process of mixing and effects that can use to sculpt the sound you want for both live sound and for recorded work.

Creating a Master and the mastering process.

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