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There comes a time for almost every band when having a good demo CD becomes essential for getting more gigs, increasing exposure and building a solid fan base.

With this in mind, BlackFrog Studios have developed a special ‘day-rate’ package to help bands to cut their first tracks and record a CD they can be proud of. Get a full 8 hour day recording, editing mixing and mastering for just £180.00.


Included in the price is exclusive use of BlackFrog Studios including Live Room 1, the Mixing Room and the Live Lounge. As well as the use of any equipment at Blackfrog Studios including instruments, guitar amps, Roland Fantom X8. If you wanted a specific piece of equipment please contact us first to check we have it.

The number of tracks achievable in your day is dependent on many factors, You may choose to carry out a live recording of you band with everyone playing together and keeping that live feel, or you may choose to carry out your recording as a multi-track recording. meaning each instrument is recorded separate and then layered together giving you a clean sounding recording. Please take a look at our Recording your first demo CD article that contains top-tips for getting the most out of your time in the studio.

However you choose to carry out your recording our producer will talk you through all the options and guide through the whole session.

To book a day in BlackFrog Studios, email us at

or call us on 01844 218 354

Click here for Samples recorded at Blackfrog Studios

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