Studio Facilities

Mixing Room

Blackfrog Studios Use a 64 track digital set up to give you a clear and warm sound, We use Cubase 7 or Logic Pro X as the software engine along with a wide variety of plug-ins along with outboard effects and processors. All of these pieces of equipment are located in our separate mixing room.

The mixing room is the heart of any recording studio and is where the engineer will do all your recording, editing, mixing and mastering.
The mixing room is an ample sized area that also contains a sofa for a comfortable environment for you to help your engineer whist mixing your projects. The mixing room also contains a vocal booth.

Blackfrog Studios Use a PC based, hard disk recording system running Cubase 7 or a Mac Pro running Logic X Pro, with a vast amount of plug-ins along with a 64 track digital mixing console, Tascam DM4800. Just some of the equipment and plug-ins are listed below.

Alesis Compressors & Gates
Tascam Compressors & Gates

Warm Audio TB12 Tone Beast
Dbx Vocal Pre-amp
Tascam Pre-amps
Behringer ultra voice pro

Behringer V-amp Pro
Steinberg Plug-ins
Antares Auto Tune Evo – Plug-in
Antares Harmony
Izotope Alloy
Izotope Nectar
Slate Digital
Drumagog 5
Addictive Drums 2
Sonnox Oxford Native
IK Multimedia
and many more…….

Mastering processors:
T.C Electronic Finalizer pro 96K
Izotope Ozone 7
Steinberg Wavelab 7
Slate Digital

Mackie HR824 – Studio Monitors
Mordaunt-short stereo speakers
Logitech Surround sound

SE Electronics
and many more….

Practice Rooms

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