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BlackFrog Studios has great rehearsal facilities for any artist or band. Our dedicated Live Room has an impressive 50m² of floor space, its air conditioned and is perfect for any band no matter what size or genre.

The 50m² Live Room has everything you could ever need. Highly specified, our main recording room is also available for band rehearsal and includes some professional grade equipment. A studio Drum kit means no more lugging heavy drum kits around, just bring the breakables (cymbals, hi-hat and snare) with you, and best of all the use of the studio kit is free of charge.

Also our ‘drum booth sheild’ means that balancing your volumes during practice could not be easier. With our 1200w Mackie PA System, 3 x mics and stands and all the cables you will need you can be sure to get the best of out your rehearsal time.

Even better, here at BlackFrog, you can manage your rehearsals online using our unique web based booking system. This means that you can always ensure that you retain your favorite slot even months in advance. Alternatively, why not call us on: 01844 218 354 and we can take your booking over the phone.

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