Vocal Booth

At BlackFrog, we always strive to deliver the highest fidelity recording. When designing the new studios we spent particular attention to creating an isolated Vocal and live instrument room where we could produce a dead space for vocalists and soloists.

The intention was to all try and eliminate sounds from out side that might register on the super sensitive condensing microphones used to record vocals and mic’d instruments such as acoustic guitars.

The Vocal booth is fitted with a special sound proofing membrane and deadening panels that reduce sound bouncing echos. A solid wood door with glazed panels limits sound leakage from outside whilst a high-fidelity Neumann TLM 103 condensing microphone picks up all the subtleties and expression of the voice.

The Vocal Booth at Blackfrog Studios is large enough to be able to record more than one microphone at a time allowing multi person voice-over recording to take place easily and comfortably. The microphone in the vocal booth is suspended from the wall to avoid unwanted movement whilst recording. The vocal booth also contains a music stand, so you need never forget those words or lyrics again.