Many businesses and companies are turning to audio to promote sales, increase brand awareness, or to assist in the development of their work force.
Blackfrog Studios has many years experience in recording voiceovers for a variety of projects. Some examples of how voiceovers could work for you and your company are:

  • Audio / Visual Voiceover
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Audio Books
  • Training Materials
  • Radio / Television Adverts
  • Podcasts

Voiceovers are a cost effective and professional way of helping to promote your business or products.

PowerPoint presentations are widely used in business to pass training information to staff and/or customers. The disadvantage of the standard Power Point presentation is that it is only as good as the teacher giving the presentation. If that person forgets to mention something that should have been in the presentation, then the people receiving that training may have missed a critical piece of information. One way round this, is to record the spoken part of the presentation and place the audio into the PowerPoint Presentation.

A member of your staff can be the voice on the voiceover, or if you would prefer, BlackFrog Studios can provide a professional voice over artist. You can even include music clips, there are many places in which you can find royalty free music to spice up your project, some are free and some will have a small download charge. BlackFrog Studios can assist you in finding the right music for your project if you would like us to. Please contact us for more information or to discuss your individual project.